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<p>The interseismic strain across the Altyn Tagh Fault at 85E has been measured using 59 interferograms from 26 ERS-1/2 SAR acquisitions on a single track for the period 1993 &ndash; 2000. Using an atmospheric delay correction that scales linearly with height, ...
New punctual estimates on the Quaternary slip rate of the active transform margin of North Anatolia are provided.It is investigated the area struck by the 12 November 1999, Mw 7.1 earthquake, that ruptured the Düzce fault segment of the North Anatolian Fault. ...
In the present work, an attempt has been made to study in detail the seismicity of the Surghar, Marwat, Khisor, Pezu and Manzai Ranges, which are known as the western extension of the Salt Range. For this purpose all available earthquake data with magnitude ...
Reference: Pakistan Journal of Meteorology Vol. 2: Issue 3: (March 2005)
A simple mechanical model and dimensional analysis are used to derive a scaling law for the partitioning between slip rate on a strike-slip fault and distributed deformation in the far-field.
Reference: Geophys. J. Int. (2002) 148, 179-192
The tectonic setting for the area around the Arabia-Africa-Anatolia triple junction is described from combined Landsat - SPOT satellite image analysis and field observations in this paper.
Reference: Tectonophysics, 204 (1992) 1-15