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<p>The Southern Granulite Terrain (SGT) is one of the best-exposed granulite terrains suited to address some fundamental problems concerning the origin and development of granulites. The contact between Dharwar craton and the SGT is marked by a series of crustal ...
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Reference: International Journal of Engineering Science Invention ISSN (Online): 2319 – 6734, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 6726 Volume 3 Issue 8 ǁ August 2014 ǁ PP.53-59
In this paper new geologic map, tectonic, geomorphologic, and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide(TCN) geochronologic data document the geometry, style, kinematics, and slip rates on late Quaternary faults within the Queen Valley, California-Nevada area.
Reference: GSA Bulletin; March/April 2009; v. 121; no. 3/4; p. 599-614
This work deals with the structural evolution and kinematics of the basal dynamothermal aureole of the Ronda peridotites, located in the Sierra Bermeja massif of the Western Betic Cordilleras, in southern Spain.
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 30 (2008) 380-393
Le K. , Lee J. et al.  
This paper is about new geologic mapping, tectonic geomorphologic, and cosmogenic radionuclide geochronologic data that provide the first numerical constraints on late Quaternary vertical slip and horizontal extension rates across the southern Sierra Nevada ...
Reference: GSA Bulletin; January/February 2007; v. 119; no. 1/2; p. 240-256.
Field observations of mature crustal faults suggest that slip in individual events occurs primarily within a thin shear zone, &lt;1-5 mm, within a finely granulated, ultracataclastic fault core. This paper deals with the weakening processes during fault slip ...
A crustal-scale shear zone network at the fossil brittle-to-viscous transition exposed at Cap de Creus, NE Spain evolved by coeval fracturing and viscous, mylonitic overprinting of an existing foliation.
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 28 (2006) 1228-1243
In this paper, we report a series of deformation experiments on polycrystalline norcamphor, a quartz analogue material, that were designed to characterize the relationship between strain localization and fluid migration in crustal rocks undergoing mylonitic ...
Reference: Tectonophysics 320 (2000) 141-165
<p>A study of the Kapdag Peninsula shear zone. The zone is a W-to NW-trending, moderately to steeply dipping, sinistral strike-slip shear zone that runs almost parallel to the northern coast of the peninsula.</p>
Reference: "Tr. J. of Earth Sciences 7 (1998) 79-85, TUBITAK"
In this paper, the structures in the deformed Yackandandah Granite are described in order to elucidate the movement history of the Kiewa shear zone where it crosses the Yackandandah Granite.
Reference: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (1988) 35, 223-230