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This paper is about the Rathjen Gneiss which the oldest and structurally most complex of the granitic intrusives in the southern Adelaide Fold - Thrust Belt and therefore provides an important constraint on the timing of the Delamerian Orogen.
Reference: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (1999) 46, 377-389
Discussion about crustal-scale thrusts of the western Alps in a West to West North West direction movements of several hundreds of kilometers.<br>
Reference: Geological Society, London, Special Publications 1989; v. 45; p. 339-352
<p>The distribution of Eocene-Oligocene turbidite facies in the Pindos foreland and the paleocurrent directions of submarine fan deposits, of the Peloponnesus area, document the proximal part of an underfilled foreland basin. The definition of Pindos foreland ...
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Reference: Episodes Vol. 35, no.