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<p>In this paper, a numerical code, RFPA2D (rock failure process analysis), was used to simulate the initiation and propagation of fractures around a pre existing single cavity and multiple cavities in brittle rocks. Both static and dynamic loads were applied ...
Reference: Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 5 (2013) 262–276
This report examines usage by state departments of transport of the falling weight deflectometer (FWD) to measure pavement deflections in response to a stationary dynamic load, similar to a passing wheel load.
Reference: NCHRP Synthesis 381, TRB
The paper presents the actual status of the CANMET-MMSL impact-testing apparatus, and summarizes some results of the testing carried out until now. The energy balance of the system, needed to validate measurements done and test results achieved, will be presented ...
Reference: 6th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction, an ISRM-Sponsored Regional Symposium
This paper describes a method of conducting rapid lateral loading tests of deep foundations in which the load is applied to the foundation with a time duration of less than one second. For purposes of this paper the loading is applied using a pyrotechnic loading ...
Reference: DFI Journal Volume 1, No. 1, Sep 2007, Deep Foundations Institute, pp. 54-62.
<p>In this study is measured the decay of aftershocks as a function of distance from magnitude 2-6 mainshocks in order to clarify the aftershock triggering process.</p>
Reference: NATURE|Vol 441|8 June 2006
A new dynamic test facility has been established by the Western Australian School of Mines in Kalgoorlie. The facility uses the principle of ‘momentum transfer’ to dynamically load rock reinforcement systems and assess their suitability for use in rock burst ...
Reference: Australian Mining Technology Conference 27 - 28 September 2005
<p>In a series of twelve separate geotechnical centrifuge physical modeling tests, seismic behavior of a zoned earth dam with saturated sandy soil foundation was studied under moderate earthquake conditions. Soil response during and after shaking was monitored ...
Reference: 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Vancouver, B.C., Canada August 1-6, 2004 Paper No. 1025