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Software by  Mine Ground Control  
<p>The Analysis of Coal Pillar Stability (ACPS) incorporates the latest research findings in the field of pillar design, including an expanded multiple seam case history data base and a new method to evaluate room and pillar panels containing multiple rows ...
Software by  NIOSH  
AHSM is a software program for improving mine layouts for control of horizontal stress.The download file is a self-extracting executable which will automatically run a setup program. It is now widely accepted that horizontal stress is present nearly everywhere ...
Software by  Arnold Verruijt  
<p>Axially loaded pile: Elastic pile supported by elasto-plastic springs.</p>
Software by  NIOSH  
ALPS (Analysis of Longwall Pillar Stability) is software for designing pillars for longwall mines.The ALPS method, which is embodied in the program, consists of three basic steps:Estimating the loading that will be applied to the pillars during all the phases ...
Software by  NIOSH  
AMSS is a software program that helps to identify the location and likely severity of multiple seam interactions. Multiple seam interactions are a major ground control hazard in many US underground coal mines. The two most common types of interactions are:<ul><li>Undermining, ...
Software by  NIOSH  
Analysis of Roof Bolt Systems (ARBS) is software to aid in the selection of roof bolts for primary support in underground coal mines.
Software by  NIOSH  
ARMPS (Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability) is software for designing pillars for room-and-pillar retreat mining. ARMPS calculates stability factors based on estimates of the loads applied to, and the load-bearing capacities of, pillars during retreat ...
Software by  NIOSH  
<p>ARMPS-HWM is a modification of Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability (ARMPS) software for designing web and barrier pillars for Highwall Mining (HWM).</p>
Software by  vulcanhammer  
<p>Program AXILTR, AXIal Load-TRansfeR, consists of a main routine and two subroutines. The main routine feeds in the input data, calculates the effective overburden stress, and determines whether the load is axial down-directed, pullout, or if uplift/downdrag ...
Software by  Carlson  
Carlson Connect is a collection of routines for transferring and converting data between Autodesk Land Desktop or Autodesk Civil 3D and Carlson’s popular data collection software Carlson SurvCE.
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