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Software tagged with [structural geology]

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Software by  iXBlue  
<p>iXBlue delivers a unique operational solution for the mapping of buried objects: DELPH Mag Locator software maps magnetic anomalies in real-time and post-processing. Although requiring no prior expertise in magnetic science, it will provide an accurate ...
Software by  Gocad Research Group  
<p>We provide 9 synthetic structural models. Their purpose is to test geomodeling algorithms, they are linked to a paper submitted in July 2014 to Computers&amp;Geosciences.</p>
Software by  Gocad Research Group  
<p>The Gocad Research Group is a team of researchers at the frontier of geology, geostatistics, computer science, reservoir engineering and geophysics, hosted by Georessources and the School of Geology at Nancy Universit&eacute;. This research team is striving ...
Software by  RockWare  
RockWorks Utilities offers an indispensible collection of mapping, modeling, analysis and display tools, such as contour maps, 3D surfaces and terrain models, stereonets e.t.c.