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Software by  Oasys  
<p>The ideal tool for embedded retaining wall analysis<br /><br />Frew enables engineers to define and solve even the most complex embedded retaining wall design problems quickly. Easy to set up and use, Frew is relied upon by leading engineering firms around ...
Software by  CDM DOLMEN  
<p>IS Muri is a software designed for the calculation and verification of gravity, semi-gravity and cantilever retaining walls, with counterforts or keys.<br />The wall can be characterized by the presence of piles, micropiles, tiebacks (active and passive); ...
Software by  GGU  
Analysis and design of cantilever walls using global and partial safety factor concepts. Among other things, the program simplifies optimisation of spur width and reinforced concrete design.
Software by  Geosolve  
<p>GWALL analyses a wide range of retaining wall problems including gravity walls and cantilever walls with a base.</p> <p>GWALL carries out two types of analysis within the one program:<br />1.Limit equilibrium analysis for calculating factors of safety against ...
Software by  LimitState  
<p>LimitState:GEO is a geotechnical stability analysis software that can be used to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem.</p>