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Software by  CDM DOLMEN  
<p>IS Muri is a software designed for the calculation and verification of gravity, semi-gravity and cantilever retaining walls, with counterforts or keys.<br />The wall can be characterized by the presence of piles, micropiles, tiebacks (active and passive); ...
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program computes basic earth pressures (active pressure, passive pressure, and pressure at rest) acting upon an arbitrary shaped structure.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program is used for analysis of gravity walls. It offers a range of wall shapes and verifies mass concrete cross-sections.</p>
Software by  Geosolve  
<p>GWALL analyses a wide range of retaining wall problems including gravity walls and cantilever walls with a base.</p> <p>GWALL carries out two types of analysis within the one program:<br />1.Limit equilibrium analysis for calculating factors of safety against ...
Software by  LimitState  
<p>LimitState:GEO is a geotechnical stability analysis software that can be used to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem.</p>
Software by  Redi-Rock  
<p>Redi-Rock Wall Analyzes Redi-Rock's gravity wall system and is available FREE. The package includes:<br />A wall analysis module<br />A bearing capacity module<br />A slope "global" stability module that includes LRFD standards.</p>