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Software by  VJ Tech  
The VJ Tech Clisp Studio Ringhear Software module enables the User to perform tests to determine the residual shear strength of cohesive soils, which is particularly important when assessing slope stability. The software can be used with the VJ Tech Ring Shear ...
<p>The Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program (CRSP) was developed to model rockfall behavior and provide a statistical analysis of probable rockfall events at any given site. Version 4.0 is used for Windows 95, 98, and NT systems. Includes: introduction, previous ...
Software by  Deep Excavation LLC  
<p>DeepEX is the ultimate software program for deep excavation design and analysis. It can perform both geotechnical and structural design for many wall types that include soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, and diaphragm walls with multiple sections of ...
Software by  FIDES DV-Partner  
<p>The program makes it possible to compute slope failure mechanisms due to DIN 4084. The proofs demanded therein are performed for general soil-structure systems, which may include an arbitrary number of various elements and supporting components, e.g. anchors, ...
Software by  GeoStru Software  
<p>G.F.A.S. (Geotechnical and F.E.M. analysis System) is a recent product of Geostru Corporation for mechanical analysis of soil using finite elements methods.</p>
Software by  Clover Technology  
<p>GALENA is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use slope stability analysis system developed by geotechnical engineers for geotechnical, mining and civil engineers who want to solve geotechnical problems quickly and easily.<br /><br />GALENA is one of ...
<p>Slope stability analysis of generalized soil slopes using Bishop's Modified Method (circular slip surface). Input options include:<br />- Any general slope geometry.<br />- Multiple layers of materials with differing shear strength properties.<br />- Generalised ...
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program can model and analyze a wide range of geotechnical problems, including terrain settlement, sheet piling/diaphragm walls, slope stability, excavation, tunnel analysis, steady or unsteady water flow analysis, consolidation analysis etc.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>Module Water flow extends the program FEM*. The module serves to perform steady state analysis of water flowing through a mass body.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program is used for verification of mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids (georeinforcements).</p>