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FORBES   07 November 2018   Mexico  
<p>Teotihuacan, translated from the Aztec language as "birthplace of the gods," or "place where gods were born," was an important religious and cultural center during the Aztec empire.</p> <p>In 2003, archaeologists discovered an almost 60-foot vertical shaft ...
THE IRISH TIMES   01 September 2016  
<p>That's Maths: Laser-guided machines are today used to drill tunnels from both ends, but how did the ancient Greeks do it?</p>
<p>In 2005, Dr. Semir Osmanagich discovered the Bosnian pyramids in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a small town called Visoko. He found five pyramids which he called the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love, and the Temple of Mother Earth.<br>In ...
Arch Daily   23 April 2015   UK   London  
<p>Nearly two hundred years after construction first began, and 150 years after being formally closed to the public, Isambard Kingdom Brunel&rsquo;s Rotherhithe shaft in the Thames Tunnel is slated to become London&rsquo;s newest performance space.</p>
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