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The Guardian   19 February 2023   UK   London  
<p>All the world loves a bridge that moves. Usually, the point of a bridge is that it is fixed &ndash; when so much trouble has been taken to overcome gravity and tame nature, instability is the last thing that you want &ndash; so there is surprise and delight ...
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BBC NEWS   05 August 2022   UK   Scotland  
<p>The Kessock Bridge in the Highlands is 40 years old.<br />"One of the beauties of being a civil engineer is you are often building things which are of benefit to the area in which you are building them," says Ken Wilson, who helped to supervise the construction ...
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Construction Enquirer   01 August 2022   UK  
<p>The Silvertown Tunnel project reached another major milestone last week as the cutter head for the Tunnel Boring Machine was lowered into the shaft</p>
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Metro   14 April 2021   UK   Jurassic Coast  
<p>A major landslide has seen 4,000 tonnes of rock plunge down onto a beach on the Jurassic Coast. Rubble has completely blocked a section of the beach after the 430ft sandstone cliff gave way on Monday night causing boulders the size of cars to plummet near ...
The Guardian   15 March 2020   UK   Scotland  
<p>Last week scientists discovered the first Stegosaurus footprints in Scotland. Which other prehistoric reptiles lived on these shores? </p>
Evening Standard   14 March 2019   UK  
<p>A landslide has blocked the main rail commuter route between Hastings and London, causing major disruption for thousands who use Charing Cross, London Bridge and Cannon Street stations.</p>
Yorkshire Coast Radio News   18 February 2019   UK  
<p>An 1,800 tonne tunnel boring machine to construct the tunnel from Whitby to Teesside as part of the Sirius Minerals' project has arrived.<br />The main parts of the 225-metre-long machine arrived at AV Dawson&rsquo;s Heavy Lift Port on the Teesside Docks ...
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BBC NEWS   10 December 2018   UK   Cornwall  
<p>Part of a cliff collapsing in Cornwall has been caught on camera by a woman out walking.</p> <p>Deborah Smith was at Lynstone Road, Bude, when she said she noticed "some little bits going, then saw the rocks moving and quickly videoed it".</p>
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Science Alert   19 September 2018   UK  
<p>For hundreds of years, geologists have thought the modern-day British mainland was formed by the collision of two ancient land masses, Avalonia and Laurentia.<br />Now, new research suggests a third continent was involved &ndash; Armorica, which today makes ...
EurekAlert!   12 July 2018   UK  
<p>Sea-level rise will endanger valuable salt marshes across the United Kingdom by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, according to an international study co-authored by a Rutgers University-New Brunswick professor.<br />Moreover, salt marshes ...