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BBC NEWS   23 March 2023   Austria   Alps  
<p>As the frozen "glue" that helps hold the rock faces of the Alps together begins to thaw, mountaineers face a growing risk of sudden rockfall.</p>
The Guardian   09 December 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>Study raises concerns over accelerating climate change as the icy mass under state&rsquo;s surface releases carbon into atmosphere<br />Up to a quarter of the permafrost that lies underneath the surface of Alaska could melt by the end of the century, spewing ...
pri   22 October 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>Time travel in science fiction novels is tricky if not completely unpredictable. But it is possible to at least peer into the past as some climate scientists in Alaska are doing.<br>Scientists are actively trying to understand what's happening to the Earth's ...