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Express   23 January 2018   USA   Alaska  
<p>ALASKA has been hit by a huge 7.9 magnitude earthquake today, with officials issuing an "extraordinary" tsunami warnings of a "threat to life and property" in towns of Kodiak and Anchorage and a watch for the entire US west coast.</p><p>The quake hit 157 ...
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bigthink   24 March 2017   USA   Alaska  
<p>On October 17, 2015, a rainy night to begin with, a huge tsunami cresting at 600 feet barreled through the darkness of the remote Taan fjord in Alaska. It stripped away forests on both sides of the fjord, and dragged an iceberg out into Icy Bay on the coast. ...
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Daily Mail   06 July 2016   USA   Alaska  
<p>A huge chunk of mountain has given way in Alaska, sending 165million tons of rock almost seven miles in an astonishing landslide.<br>Paul Swanstrom, a pilot, first noticed it last week when he flew over the Lamplugh Glacier, in Glacier Bay National Park, ...
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Gizmodo   04 July 2016   USA   Alaska  
<p>An extraordinarily large landslide has been discovered near Glacier Bay in southeast Alaska. Aerial photos show a snow-capped mountain with a huge chunk taken out of it&mdash;and a debris field that extends for nearly seven miles.</p>
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CBS NEWS   28 March 2016   USA   Alaska  
<p>ANCHORAGE, Alaska- Strong winds Monday pushed an ash cloud from an Alaska volcano into the heart of the state, grounding flights and limiting travel to western and northern communities off the road system.<br />Pavlof Volcano, one of Alaska's most active ...
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Alaska Dispatch News   01 February 2016   USA   Alaska  
<p>Five decades after the nation&rsquo;s most powerful earthquake hit Alaska, scientists have pinpointed the underwater slide that triggered some of the deadliest tsunami waves produced by the shaking.</p> <p>Using modern technology to map the floor of Prince ...
The Guardian   09 December 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>Study raises concerns over accelerating climate change as the icy mass under state&rsquo;s surface releases carbon into atmosphere<br />Up to a quarter of the permafrost that lies underneath the surface of Alaska could melt by the end of the century, spewing ...
pri   22 October 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>Time travel in science fiction novels is tricky if not completely unpredictable. But it is possible to at least peer into the past as some climate scientists in Alaska are doing.<br>Scientists are actively trying to understand what's happening to the Earth's ...
Alaska Public Media   14 September 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>This past weekend, a Juneau Preparedness Expo gave the public a variety of information on how to cope in an emergency. One lecture more relevant than ever was on mudslides and landslides&ndash;just weeks after Sitka&rsquo;s deadly disaster.</p>
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The Telegraph   19 August 2015   USA   Alaska  
<p>A landslide described by one witness as a sea of logs, mud and debris is believed to have trapped three people who were missing Tuesday from a neighborhood in the Alaska coastal town of Sitka. City officials earlier said four people were missing. Chris ...
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