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Daily Mail   10 June 2019   China   Guangxi  
<p>A massive mudslide sent huge boulders down the side of a mountain just metres away from a residential complex in a Chinese city today.</p> <p>Terrifying footage shows the mountainside collapsing next to several tower blocks in Fujian Province in south-eastern ...
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CNN   11 January 2018   USA   California  
<p>(CNN)Southern Californians can't get a break from nature. First, wildfires scorched a massive area northwest of Los Angeles. Now catastrophic mudslides have swallowed homes and killed at least 15 people.</p> <p>But a variety of unique factors have made ...
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DSCOVRD   14 December 2015   Canada   Peel Plateau  
<p>Peel Plateau Lake after the drainage event.<br />Northwest Territories Geological Survey<br />Peel Plateau Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories looks a lot different now than it did a week ago thanks to a dramatic -- yet expected -- drainage event.</p> <p>Canada's ...
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Aljazeera   22 November 2015   Brazil   Rio Doce  
<p>A mudflow thick with toxic mining waste, which initially spilled earlier this month from the collapse of two tailings dams into a main river in southeast Brazil, has now reached the Atlantic Ocean, says Brazil's environmental agency, Ibama.</p> <p>Ibama ...