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The Guardian   02 February 2018   South Africa  
<p>Sibanye-Stillwater mining company said miners stuck up to 1000m below ground after outage caused by a storm.</p> <p>At least 900 gold miners who were trapped in a South African mine for more than 24 hours after a power outage were safely evacuated on Friday ...
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The Guardian   22 January 2018   Hong Kong  
<p>There is a particular bridge in Hong Kong that offers spectacular views: the mouth of a river on one side, and near-identical rows of white apartment blocks and mountains on the other.</p> <p>No matter where you look, though, you can&rsquo;t escape the ...
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The Guardian   16 January 2018   United Kingdom   Europe  
<p>Thousands of private sector workers at risk and 30,000 small firms owed money may lose out.</p> <p>Thousands of staff who worked for the collapsed construction firm Carillion inside private sector companies will have their wages stopped on Wednesday unless ...
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The Guardian   01 January 2018   UK  
<p>A campaign has accelerated to turn a disused railway line in Yorkshire into England&rsquo;s longest cycle tunnel &ndash; instead of using &pound;3m of public money to close it for ever.</p> <p>The 1.4 mile (2.3km) Queensbury line, which runs 377ft (115 ...
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The Guardian   20 November 2017   New Caledonia   Vanuatu  
<p>Vanuatu and New Caledonia were hit by small tsunami waves after an undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck 82 kms (51 miles) east of the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific.</p> <p>The quake, initially reported as magnitude 7.3, was the second major ...
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The Guardian   13 November 2017   Iran - Iraq   Iran - Iraq border  
<p>A powerful magnitude-7.3 earthquake has rocked the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing more than 328 people in Iran and seven in Iraq and injuring thousands more.</p><p>Iran’s semi-official Isna news agency raised the death toll to 328 ...
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The Guardian   18 October 2017   Netherlands   Gemert  
<p>Dutch officials have toasted the opening of what is being called the world&rsquo;s first 3D-printed concrete bridge, which is primarily meant to be used by cyclists.</p> <p>There was applause as officials wearing hard hats rode over the bridge on their ...
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The Guardian   25 September 2017   Indonesia   bali  
<p>Nearly 50,000 people have been evacuated from their homes amid fears of an imminent volcanic eruption on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.</p><p>Mount Agung, 47 miles (75km) from the tourist hub of Kuta, has been shaking since August and threatening ...
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The Guardian   21 September 2017   Greece  
<p>Greece&rsquo;s biggest foreign investor has withdrawn its threat to pull out of the country in a dispute with the government over mining permits, as miners protested in Athens fearing job losses.<br />George Burns, chief executive of the Canadian mining ...
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The Guardian   22 June 2017   Nigeria  
<p>Sir: Collapse of buildings is so rampant in Nigeria that there is hardly any day when it does not happen. This often causes loss of lives and property. This dangerous phenomenon can be caused by many factors.</p>