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In a ground anchor system, cables or tendons connected to a bearing plate are used for stabilization of slopes. Then, the stability of a slope is dependent on maintaining the tension levels in the cables. So far, no research on a strain-based field sensing ...
Reference: Sensors 2013, 13, 3739-3752
In this contribution, is presented evidence for ductile E-W extension in the Kung Co area of southern Tibet that took place at ~19 Ma and is associated with a major N-S trending normal fault.
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325-326 (2012), 10-20
This paper is about the quaternary alluvial fans and shorelines, spits and beach bars that were dated using 10Be terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) surface exposure dating in Death Valley.
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: 2010, Geomorphology, 125, 541-557, doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2010.10.024
This paper is about the kinematic, kinematic vorticity (Wm), and deformation temperature analyses that were completed to test the hypothesis that midcrustal rocks exposed in the core of the Kangmar gneiss dome, southern Tibet record ductile deformation patterns ...
Reference: TECTONICS, VOL. 29, TC6011, doi:10.1029/2010TC002746, 2010
New detailed microscopic kinematic analyses, deformation temperature estimates, and vorticity analyses within mid-crustal rocks from Mabja Dome show a downward progression from mixedtop-N and top-S shear in chloritoid-zone rocks, through dominantly top-S shear ...
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 32 (2010) 70-85
In this paper new geologic map, tectonic, geomorphologic, and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide(TCN) geochronologic data document the geometry, style, kinematics, and slip rates on late Quaternary faults within the Queen Valley, California-Nevada area.
Reference: GSA Bulletin; March/April 2009; v. 121; no. 3/4; p. 599-614
Le K. , Lee J. et al.  
This paper is about new geologic mapping, tectonic geomorphologic, and cosmogenic radionuclide geochronologic data that provide the first numerical constraints on late Quaternary vertical slip and horizontal extension rates across the southern Sierra Nevada ...
Reference: GSA Bulletin; January/February 2007; v. 119; no. 1/2; p. 240-256.
Lee J. et al.  
In this paper is reported the first ion microprobe U/Pb zircon ages from mid-crustal rocks of MabjaDome, the results of which constrain the onset of peak metamorphism and duration of ductile extension.
Reference: Geology, January 2007; v7. 35; no. 1; p. 45-48
This paper presents the results of new detailed geologic mapping, structural, kinematic, and quantitative thermobarometric investigations in Mabja Dome, southern Tibet, an area that has not been previously studied in such detail.
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 26 (2004) 2297-2316
In this paper are reported results from geomorphic and paleoseismological investigations of the Crescent fault (Nevada) and discuss their implications for models of fault system dynamics.
Reference: TECTONICS, VOL. 23, TC2015, doi:10.1029/2003TC001528, 2004