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This report was prepared in response to Delivery Order No. 15 under
AI.D. Contract No. 306-020S-C-OO-9385-00, Afghanistan Studies Project. The objectives of the Delivery Order are to
1. Provide an objective, single-volume, resource document, with maps, for development officials interested in mineral and energy development potentials in Afghanistan.
2. Summarize the results of past studies and experience, particularly as they bear on the potential economic feasibility, the realistically attainable production and processing activities, and the potential foreign exchange benefits of undertaking mineral and energy projects following a resolution of the current conflict.
3. Provide geographically defined data on the location of Afghanistan's principal mineral deposits for inclusion in the O/AID/Rep's Geographic Information System.
4. Suggest ways in which AlD could contribute to mineral and energy development projects during the resettlernent and reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Afghanista Studies Project Final Report Contract No. 306-0205-C-OO-9385-00 Jelivery Order No. 15 February 1992
Nathan Associates Inc. and Louis Berger International, Inc.
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