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This report presents an overview of the geology, hydrology, and climate of the lower Helmand Basin, a large, closed, arid basin in southern Afghanistan. The basin is drained by the Helmand River, the only perennial desert stream between the Indus and Tigris-Euphrates ...
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Reference: Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5182
This report was prepared in response to Delivery Order No. 15 underAI.D. Contract No. 306-020S-C-OO-9385-00, Afghanistan Studies Project. The objectives of the Delivery Order are to1. Provide an objective, single-volume, resource document, with maps, for development ...
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Reference: Afghanista Studies Project Final Report Contract No. 306-0205-C-OO-9385-00 Jelivery Order No. 15 February 1992
There are around 300 documented copper deposits, occurrences and showings in Afghanistan.From a global perspective, Afghanistan is relatively under explored and the potential for further discoveries of copper and other minerals is high. A summary of the potential ...
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Reference: Afghanistan Geological Survey