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<p>Evaluation of geological and geochemical data acquired since 1985 from scientists working in the Libyan Sea indicate the possible existence of large hydrocarbon deposits in an area of 80,000 Km2, which is equivalent to the Levantine Basin (combined EEZ ...
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Reference: 2012 Pytheas Limited
High-resolution sonar surveys, and a detailed subsurface model constructed from 3D seismic and well data allowed investigation of the relationship between the subsurface geology and gas-phase (methane) seepage for the Coal Oil Point (COP) seep field, one of ...
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Reference: Geo-Mar Lett (2010) 30:331–338
Gas seepages along the Ionian coast of the northwestern Peloponnesus (Greece), at Killini, Katakolo, and Kaiafas reflect deep hydrocarbon-generation processes and represent a real hazard for humans and buildings. Methane microseepage, gas concentration in ...
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Reference: AAPG Bulletin, v. 90, no. 5 (May 2006), pp. 701–713 701
Fibrous illite is one of the most important cements that grows within sandstones during burial, and the only one which is commonly dated using the K–Ar age technique. A small quantity of illite can dramatically reduce porefluid flow rates within a sandstone, ...
Reference: Terra Nova, Vol 14, No. 1, 56–60
The physical characteristics of a reservoir, how petroleum originated and in what type of rock, what types of fluids exist in the reservoir, how hydrocarbons become trapped, and basic well log analysis are some of the concepts vital to the production and recovery ...
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Reference: 2001, Halliburton
This report was prepared in response to Delivery Order No. 15 underAI.D. Contract No. 306-020S-C-OO-9385-00, Afghanistan Studies Project. The objectives of the Delivery Order are to1. Provide an objective, single-volume, resource document, with maps, for development ...
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Reference: Afghanista Studies Project Final Report Contract No. 306-0205-C-OO-9385-00 Jelivery Order No. 15 February 1992