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This book has two main aims: to demonstrate to international development agencies, governments, policy makers, project managers, practitioners, and community residents that landslide hazard can often be reduced in vulnerable urban communities in the developing ...
Reference: 2013 International Bank for Deconstruction and Development / The World Bank
relation between land subsidence and urban development activities in Jakarta
Reference: "7th FIG Regional Conference Spatial Data Serving People: Land Governance and the Environment - Building the Capacity Hanoi, Vietnam, 19-22 October 2009"
<p>In this paper, the subject of settlement of waste fills is addressed. A case study concerning a housing development over a landfill is also presented.</p>
Reference: Master Builders Journal, Sept.1999
Conceptual geological models of urban areas are an essential component of groundwater investigations as well as of urban groundwater management. For sustainable urban groundwater management there must be a coherent understanding of the local groundwater and ...
Filed under: Geology -  Hydrogeology
Reference: International Symposium on New Directions in Urban Water Management