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<p>ANUGA software is used to simulate the 1928 St. Francis dam break flood. ANUGA (see is a free and open source software, which is designed to simulate shallow water flows. Our simulation assessment in this paper is based on the ...
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Reference: 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Adelaide, Australia, 1–6 December 2013
The Spring of 2011 brought heavy rainfall and snowmelt throughout the Midwest, resulting in record flow rates and flood stages on the Lower Mississippi River from Cairo, Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. In many locations, the flood crested at levels above those ...
Reference: Geo- engineering Extreme Event Response (GEER) Report, prepared for National Science Foundation, June 18,, 2011, 40 p.
This report presents an emergency assessment of potential debris-flow hazards from basins burned by the 2011 Motor fire in the Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests,Calif. Statistical-empirical models are used to estimate the probability and volume of debrisflowsthat ...
Reference: Open-File Report 2011–1251
This study examined the flood risk in Port Harcourt using rainfall data, soil texture and other factors.
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Reference: Advances in Applied Science Research, 2011, 2 (6): 287-298
In June 2011, the Track Fire burned 113 square kilometers (km2) in Colfax County, northeastern New Mexico, and Las Animas County, southeasternColorado, including the upper watersheds of Chicorica and Raton Creeks. The burned landscape is now at risk of damage ...
Reference: Open-File Report 2011–1257
This chapter provides information on the potential and magnitude of mud floods and mudflows that may develop in Aspen due to rainfall events, snowmelt, or rain on snow events. This chapter also provides guidance on the design process for sites at risk for ...
Reference: Urban Runoff Management Plan, Rev 4/2010
High-resolution data enabling identification and analysis of the hydrometeorological causative processes of flash floods have been collected and analysed for 25 extreme flash floods (60 drainage basins, ranging in area from 9.5 to 1856 km2) across Europe.
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Reference: Journal of Hydrology (2010)
In summary, the Centerville Neighborhood Revitalization Plan includes Five Star Rated row homes, duplexes, and stacked town homes, a solar energy system to power common areas and a state of the art stormwater management system to protect against flooding and ...
Reference: Land and Water, Natural Resource Management and Restoration, and, May/June, 2010, pp. 5-10.
The major conclusion that is drawn from the study of core samples is that the SW Black Sea shelf wastransgressed by no later than 10 ka, and that the outer and middle shelf of Black Sea has been under water ever since.
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Reference: Quaternary International 167-168 (2007) 19-34
We investigate the applicability of the Two-dimensional, Runoff, Erosion and Export (TREX) model to simulate extreme floods on large watersheds in semi-arid regions in the western United States. Spatially-distributed extreme storm and channel components are ...
Reference: Journal of Hydrology (2007) 347, 229–241