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<p>Mining exploration is widely spread throughout Kazakhstan and it is an important part of the country&rsquo;s economy. However, mining can create landslides, as well as both surface and groundwater pollution.<br />The purpose of this research is to model ...
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Reference: Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Volume 23, Paper 9, September 2015
<p>The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL )is exploiting coal in the Godavari valley coal fields spread over 5.33km2 in Andhra Pradesh, India. In the area, six workable coal seams have been identified in Barakar formation by the analysis of the geologic ...
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Reference: Water Resources and Industry 7-8 (2014) 49–65
<p>The present paper focusses on different approaches of numerical model set up and discretisation based on the available geological models by using FEFLOW. In particular, the implementation of the complicated geology with regional faults and thrusts are presented ...
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Reference: MODFLOW and More 2013: Translating Science into Practice - Conference Proceedings
<p>Groundwater model as a tool is being used for various engineering applications. However, it is difficult to develop a groundwater model to truly represent a site condition with complex hydrogeological/geological conditions. A few aspects are addressed in ...
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Reference: Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 3 ( 2011 ) 23 – 28
<p>Three-dimensional groundwater modelling</p>
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Reference: 3D Workshop 2007
The paper investigates the steady-state rise of the groundwater table upstream of a shallow tunnel due to the obstruction of the groundwater low in the direction normal to the tunnel axis, using a steady-state finite-element groundwater low model. Based on ...
Reference: Ingegneria Geologia degli Acquiferi, 7, 3-6, Italy,(1996)
Conceptual geological models of urban areas are an essential component of groundwater investigations as well as of urban groundwater management. For sustainable urban groundwater management there must be a coherent understanding of the local groundwater and ...
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Reference: International Symposium on New Directions in Urban Water Management