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In this present study water quality of Kosi River is taken into account and river water isfound to be severely polluted with reference to these analyzed parameters.
Reference: Advances in Applied Science Research, 2011, 2 (2): 197-201
Environment Observation and Forecasting System(EOFS) is a application for monitoring and providing a forecasting about environmental phenomena. We design an air pollution monitoring system which involves a context model and a flexible data acquisition policy. ...
Reference: IGARRS (International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium) 2008, Boston
A process-based preferential flow transport model was implemented in a geographic information system to locate areas in the landscape with high risk of contamination by agrochemicals, especially pesticides. Protecting ground water resources necessitates a ...
Reference: Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation 25, no. 4/ Fall 2005/pages 82–91
This paper discusses international and local trends in groundwater monitoring for baseline studies and on-going pollution detection monitoring for a variety of situations.
Reference: 2004 Water Institute of South Africa (WISA) Biennial Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 2-6 May 2004
This research concerns, the mapping of the redox potential and the electrical conductivity of the groundwater, which are the key - parameters for the characterisation of contaminant plumes and for site remediation technologies.
Reference: Hydrology and Earth Sciences, 8(1), 8-22 (2004)
This Practical Radiation Technical Manual is one of a series which has been designed to provide guidance on radiological protection for employers, Radiation Protection Officers, managers and other technically competent persons who have a responsibility to ...
Reference: Printed by the IAEA in Vienna April 2004
The need for hydrological research, basic as well as applied, is substantial to help rationally manage the world’s water resources. To satisfy this need, and the interest of Member States, UNESCO, in 1975, launched a long-term intergovernmental programme, ...
This Engineer Manual (EM) provides the minimum elements for consideration in the design, installation, and documentation of monitoring well placement (and other geotechnical activities) at projects known or suspected to contain chemically hazardous, toxic, ...
Reference: EM 1110-1-4000
This paper describes the use of in-situ optic photometric sensor to determine the shape of pollution plumes as they pass through soils in 1-g experiments and also in a high-g centrifuge test.
Reference: Environmental Geotechnics, Seco e Pinto 1998
Electrical resistivity and very low-frequency electromagnetic induction (VLF) surveys were carried out at a site of shallow hydrocarbon contamination in Utah County, Utah.
Reference: Geophysics, Vol 62, No 1 (January - February 1997) p. 80-86