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Definitions of structural rock terms.
Reference: KHB, 1/29/2007 Paper_3.doc
A crustal-scale shear zone network at the fossil brittle-to-viscous transition exposed at Cap de Creus, NE Spain evolved by coeval fracturing and viscous, mylonitic overprinting of an existing foliation.
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 28 (2006) 1228-1243
In this paper, we report a series of deformation experiments on polycrystalline norcamphor, a quartz analogue material, that were designed to characterize the relationship between strain localization and fluid migration in crustal rocks undergoing mylonitic ...
Reference: Tectonophysics 320 (2000) 141-165
A theoretical, composite flow law is presented for mylonite containing interconnected layers of a weak mineral undergoing power law creep and porphyroclasts of a stronger mineral undergoing fracture and frictional sliding.
Reference: Tectonophysics 303 (1999) 175-191