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<p>This monograph is intended to be used as a &ldquo;PB Guideline&rdquo; for assessing tunnelling-induced risks to adjacent structures in urban environments. It is expected that it will also promote awareness of such risks among PB engineers<br />who are involved ...
Reference: PB 2009 William Barclay Parsons Fellowship Monograph 25
<p>When an earthquake occurs, the surrounding soil and the structural elements can exhibit non-linear behaviour. In common practice, only non-linear behaviour of structural elements is evaluated. But, actually, the soil reaches the limit of its elastic behaviour ...
Definitions of structural rock terms.
Reference: KHB, 1/29/2007 Paper_3.doc
This paper focuses on the Quaternary faulting and earthquake geology along one of these displacement-transfer normal faults, the Deep Springs fault, to assess its kinematic role in the evolution of the eastern California shear zone.
Reference: GSA Bulletin; July 2001; v. 113; no. 7; p. 855-869
In recent studies the efficacy of magnetorheological (MR) devices for seismic response modificationhas been demonstrated both experimentally and analytically. Prior experimental investigations focused on the use of a single MR damper to control a multi-story ...
Reference: "Proceedings of the 2nd World Conference on Structural Control, Kyoto, JAPAN, June 29-July 2, 1998."