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<p>This paper is about the analysis of metamorphosed magmatic rocks along the northern serpentinite belt (Cuba) that suggests a variety of tectonic settings of formation and metamorphism.</p>
Reference: MEMORIAS GEOMIN 2003, LA HABANA, 24-28 DE MARZO. ISBN 959-7117-11-8
<p>The object of this study is to construct a lithologic and geochemical model of the crust in the central Colorado Plateau, based on the combined input of field, xenolith, seismic, and heat flow data. The Four Corners area straddles a proposed Proterozoic crustal ...
Reference: The Journal of Geology, 1999, volume 107, p. 387–397
The purpose of this paper is to describe the crystals of zoned plagioclase and report on the petrography and geochemistry of the rocks in which they occur in order to offer a possible explanation for their origin.
Reference: "Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 23, pp. 195-204 (1985)"