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The eruption of Vesuvius of 79 AD caused extensive destructions all over the Campanian area, engulfing the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplonti and Stabiae. The eruption followed a long quiescence period and the inhabitants of the area were surprised by ...
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Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress, Episodes Vol.26 No.3
The present study is linked to the Ancient Pacific Margin NATMAP program and is part of a multi- disciplinary effort by the B.C. Geological Survey Branch within the region. Ray et al. (2001) and Dunne et al. (2001) are conducting a detailed examination of ...
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Reference: Geological Fieldwork 2000, Paper 2001-1
<p>The object of this study is to construct a lithologic and geochemical model of the crust in the central Colorado Plateau, based on the combined input of field, xenolith, seismic, and heat flow data. The Four Corners area straddles a proposed Proterozoic crustal ...
Reference: The Journal of Geology, 1999, volume 107, p. 387–397