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Centrifuge tests have been carried out on kaolin clay slopes subject to variations in surface rainfall and humidity corresponding, at model scale, to successive wet and dry seasons in the field. An analysis of the phase ofepisodic regional softening is presented ...
Reference: Geotechnique 61, No. 9, 757–769
For a practical approach in routine site characterizations, the minimal standard of work should be seismic piezocone tests (SCPTu) or seismic flat dilatometer tests (SDMT), as up to 5 separate measurements of soil behavior are captured during a single sounding. ...
Reference: "Proc. 17th Intl. Conf. Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 4, Egypt, 2009"
<p>A comprehensive investigation of the subsidence induced in the area of Bologna (Italy) by groundwater extraction is presented. Initially, the geological pattern of the region is reviewed in order to identify the large scale subsoil features governing ...
Reference: iEMSs 2008: International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software
The purpose of this study was to summarize existing rockfall models and to propose modifications to make them suitable for predicting rockfall at a regional scale.
Filed under: Rock Mechanics -  Rock Falls
Reference: Progress in Physical Geography 27,1 (2003) pp. 69-87
This paper describes a two- dimensional fnite element analysis in which the tunnel, the soil and a building are all treated in a single analysis.
Reference: The Structural Engineer, Vol. 79, No 1, 2000
<p>The 1 October 1995, Ms D 6:1 Dinar earthquake ruptured a 10 km section of the NW-SE Dinar-Civril fault. Thereare discrepancies between the published source parameters from seismic data, with seismic moments in disagreement by over a factor of two. We use ...
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 172 (1999) 23-37