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<p>In this paper, cyclic triaxial loading tests were conducted on specimens of soft clay with varying cyclic stresses and frequencies to investigate the performance of soft soil subgrade subjected to cyclic loading. The laboratory results indicate that given ...
Reference: ANZ 2012 Conference University of Tasmania, Hobart 5-7 December 2012
<p>A GPS-derived velocity field from a dense geodetic network established in the broader area of Athens is presented, whereas local variations of strain rates across a major inactive tectonic boundary separating metamorphic and non-metamorphic geotectonic ...
Reference: 2nd INQUA-IGCP-567 International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Archaeology and Engineering, Corinth, Greece (2011)
<p>The active deformation of the southwestern United States (30 - 41 N) is represented by a finite number of rotating, elastic-plastic spherical caps.</p>
Reference: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 110, B07401, doi:10.1029/2004JB003307, 2005