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RS2 is a 2D finite element method software developed for excavations, slopes, settlements, and more. It accurately captures several aspects of soil behaviour and geotechnical problems and employs FEM modeling to identify the stress-strain component of soil masses for surface and underground excavation projects.

Groundwater Seepage Analysis: The fully integrated finite element groundwater seepage analysis tools in RS2 help detect the direction of flowing water and how pore water pressure distribution in your material affects the accuracy of slope stability analysis and factor of safety.

SSR: Identify the critical strength parameters of your geotechnical materials with the shear strength reduction (SSR) method The SSR technique can accommodate both the peak and residual strengths of materials in the same analysis. This feature much better captures the real-world behaviour of geological materials.

Integrates with:
RS3: Integration between RS2 and RS3 provides an easy transition between 2D and 3D finite element analysis. By using section creator, extract parts of your RS2 models directly in to RS3 for a more in-depth 3D analysis.

Slide2: RS2 and Slide2 are integrated to provide you with the ultimate verification tool. By sharing a materials library and using the same models in both programs, you can compare your LE and FE analyses.

RSData: Get an in-depth understanding of your material strength properties and directly import them from RSData into RS2 to run numerical analyses.

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