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RSData is a highly interactive program that allows you to easily test different strength parameters and observe how they impact a failure envelope, giving you a better understanding of material strength parameters for rock and soil. It offers detailed insights into your rock and soil material properties by analysing their strength characteristics and constitutive behaviour to determine strength envelopes and other material parameters.

Virtual soil mechanics lab: Utilize constitutive models like NorSand and Modified Cam Clay to get an in-depth look into the stress-strain relationship of your soil materials.

RocProp: A bonus of RSData is the addition of RocProp, a database of intact rock properties which runs as a standalone application.

Integrates with:
Slide2, Slide3, RS2 and RS3. RSData streamlines your workflow by integrating with some of the major Rocscience programs: Slide2, Slide3, RS2, and RS3. Seamlessly import your material strength properties directly from RSData into these 2D or 3D programs for numerical analysis. This way you’re able to save time and avoid manual data entry.

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