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Borehole is a small diameter shaft bored in the ground. Boreholes are usually drilled vertically, but can also be drilled in various inclinations according to the data that needs to be acquired. A borehole can be drilled for various purposes i.e. geotechnical investigation, water extraction, petroleum or gas extraction, mineral exploration etc. In geotechnical investigation a borehole is the most important step, since ground samples are collected and analyzed and instrumentation for ground monitoring can be installed in it.

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Software by  Geosysta Ltd  
<p>Drillysis is a cloud based <strong>borehole log database</strong>, which can be accessed from any device (PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone) from anywhere, requiring just an internet connection.</p> <p>Drillysis in its core is a <strong>borehole log application</strong>, ...
Software by  Geologismiki  
<p>BLogPro is a simple software that will help users to create soil borehole logs specially adjusted for the Geotechnical Engineer. The pages created include the most commonly used input data such as technical log data, stratigraphy data and laboratory test ...
Software by  ESRI and Aquaveo  
This program displays, analyzes and archives your groundwater & subsurface data. All within ArcGIS.
<p>DATA IMPORT<br />Borehole image data from a variety of tools including acoustic televiewer, optical televiewer, corescanned images, FMI, FMS, CAST, CBIL, UBI and STAR and Sondex MIT are supported.<br />For data available in LIS/DLIS format files, you will ...
Software by  Carlson  
Use Carlson Geology to manage drillhole data, plus calculate strata models, block models, quantities and qualities. The process from importing drillholes, validating the data and modeling the ore to reserve calculations is seamless. For drillholes, Carlson ...
Software by  DC-Software  
<p>Administration of borings, probings, etc. in maps</p>
Software by  GeoStru Software  
<p>The downhole seismic method (DH) measures the time taken for the P and S waves to move between a seismic source located on the surface of the ground, and the receivers, placed inside a borehole.</p>
Software by  GGU  
The GGU-STRATIG programme allows the presentation of bore profiles and dynamic penetration tests according to German Standard DIN 4023. Presentation of drilled profiles (bores etc.), dynamic penetration tests, well ...
Software by  Bentley  
<p>In addition to boring log and well log reporting, gINT Professional's expanded capabilities let you create fence diagrams, graphs and tables.</p>
Software by  Keynetix Ltd  
<p>Geotechnical Data in the BIM Process and CAD Drawings<br /><br />Visualizing and sharing your data in a 3D BIM environment greatly enhances your understanding of your site and increases the quality of your engineering output.<br /><br />Production of drawings ...