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MineSight Data Analyst analyzes, evaluates, and reports on project drillhole, blasthole, and model data. MineSight Data Analyst processes drillhole, blasthole, and model data (3D block, stratigraphic, surface) with complex statistical and geostatistical programs ...
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Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program is used to create digital terrain models (DEM, DTM) from inputted points and boreholes. It calculates volumes of excavation and also serves as task manager for other GEO5 programs.</p>
Software by  RockWare  
<p>RockWorks is the standard in the petroleum, environmental, geotechnical and mining industries for surface and subsurface data visualization, with popular tools such as maps, logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models and volume calculations.</p> <p>RockWorks ...