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PASIFIC-STANDARD   21 June 2018   Indonesia  
<p>The proposed mine would sit within Cenderawasih Bay National Park, while parts of it also overlap onto or border the Wondiwoi Mountains Nature Reserve—both protected areas.<br>Environmental officials have warned of the potentially catastrophic impact of ...
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BBC NEWS   08 November 2016   Patagonia   Americas  
<p>Life in the southern hemisphere appears to have recovered more quickly than expected from the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs.</p> <p>In North America, it took 9 million years for ecosystems to recover.</p> <p>However, in South America - further ...
Science Daily   13 June 2016   USA   Arctic  
<p>A new study published in Nature Climate Change indicates soil moisture levels will determine how much carbon is released to the atmosphere as rising temperatures thaw Arctic lands.</p>
CommonDreams   17 November 2015   USA   Utah  
<p>Facing public uprising, the US Bureau of Land Management postpones auction of 73,000 acres of publicly owned oil and gas resources in Utah</p> <p>Where environmentalists and Indigenous activists expected to protest on Tuesday morning, they celebrated instead, ...
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Yahoo News   15 November 2015   Brazil   Bento Rodriguez  
<p>RIO DOCE, Brazil (Reuters) - The collapse of two dams at a Brazilian mine has cut off drinking water for quarter of a million people and saturated waterways downstream with dense orange sediment that could wreck the ecosystem for years to come.<br>Nine ...
Science Daily   20 August 2015   USA   California  
<p>As Californians continue pumping groundwater in response to the historic drought, the California Department of Water Resources has released a new NASA report showing land in the San Joaquin Valley is sinking faster than ever before, nearly 2 inches (5 centimeters) ...
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RT   18 August 2015   USA   Colorado  
<p>Colorado is scrambling to address 230 abandoned mines, which leak enough heavy metals to rival the Gold King disaster every two days. Tens of thousands of old mines dot public lands in the western US, and 80 percent are in need of remediation. Environmental ...
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THE HILL   18 August 2015   USA  
<p>One year in, the Department of Labor (DOL) says its rule to protect miners from the coal dust that causes deadly black lung disease is working. DOL&rsquo;s Mine Safety and Health Administration&rsquo;s (MSHA) final rule, which took effect in August 2014, ...
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PASIFIC-STANDARD   13 August 2015   USA  
<p>For many of us, protecting the environment is a moral imperative, one that we wouldn't compromise for any amount of money. At least, that's what we like to think. According to a new study, moral convictions may go out the window more easily than we'd like ...
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Star Tribune   13 August 2015   USA   Colorado  
<p>SILVERTON, Colorado &mdash; It will take many years and many millions of dollars simply to manage and not even remove the toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine that unleashed a 100-mile-long torrent of heavy metals into Western rivers and has likely reached ...
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