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Climate Home News   12 May 2020   Poland  
<p>The coronavirus pandemic has brought Poland&rsquo;s ailing coal mining sector to its knees.<br />A Covid-19 outbreak among miners in the southern region of Silesia is the latest scourge on an industry suffering from falling demand, cheaper competition and ...
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Los Angeles Times   18 November 2019   China   Pingyao County  
<p>BEIJING &mdash; A gas explosion inside a coal mine in northern China has killed 15 miners and left nine injured, authorities said Tuesday.<br />The blast occurred Monday afternoon at a mine operated by the Feng Yan Group in Shanxi province&rsquo;s Pingyao ...
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Voa news   19 October 2019   Siberia   Krasnoyarsk  
<p>MOSCOW - At least 15 gold miners were killed on Saturday when a dam collapsed, flooding an artisanal mining encampment in a remote part of Siberia, officials said.<br />Heavy rains had weakened the dam and water broke through, sweeping away several cabins ...
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The Jakarta Post   08 October 2019   Russia   Yakutia  
<p>The former head of a giant Siberian diamond mine was found dead in his prision cell a day after being charged over the deaths of miners trapped by flooding, investigators said Tuesday.<br />Eight miners died after water leaked into the Mir mine owned by ...
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CNN   03 October 2019   Democratic Republic of Congo   Kampene  
<p>The number of illegal miners killed in a gold mine collapse in the Democratic Republic of Congo rose to 22 on Thursday, the country's minister of social affairs told CNN.<br>The initial death toll from Wednesday's incident at an illegally-run mine in Kampene ...
Filed under: Mining News   03 September 2019   Greece   Skouries  
<p>Eldorado Gold (NYSE: EGO) confirmed on Tuesday that it has recieved installation permits for its Skouries project and its Olympias mine from the Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment.<br>Vancouver-based Eldorado has two operating mines and two development ...
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<p>At least 41 artisanal miners were killed when part of a copper and cobalt mine owned by Swiss-based mining giant Glencore collapsed in southern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the provincial governor has said.<br />The accident occurred on Thursday ...
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Mining Technology   01 April 2019   World  
<p>Across the world, mine sites have increased in size as the years have passed, transforming into the gargantuan chasms of today’s operations. We look at some of the world’s biggest mines through time.</p>
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Mining Technology   07 March 2019   Australia  
<p>Australia boasts some of the world&rsquo;s largest mineral deposits, including 21.9 billion tonnes of iron ore and 3,550 tonnes of gold, stretched over one of the largest and most sparsely populated islands in the world. With just 3.1 people per square ...
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Bloomberg Opinion   19 February 2019   World  
<p>It&rsquo;s taken two tragedies in just over three years, but the mining industry is finally starting to clean up its act. <br />Brazil&rsquo;s government Monday announced plans to ban upstream tailings dams, a low-cost method of storing mining waste implicated ...
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