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The results of the test pile program established driving criteria for production piles that included end of- drive blow counts and pile tip elevations with an appropriate allowance for setup. The program also confirmed that the planned installation equipment ...
Reference: DFI Journal Volume 3, No. 1, May 2009, Deep Foundations Institute, pp13-22.
This paper describes a method of conducting rapid lateral loading tests of deep foundations in which the load is applied to the foundation with a time duration of less than one second. For purposes of this paper the loading is applied using a pyrotechnic loading ...
Reference: DFI Journal Volume 1, No. 1, Sep 2007, Deep Foundations Institute, pp. 54-62.
As was the case on this project, the uncertainty of foundation performance in shale can lead to overly conservative designs, particularly with drilled shaft foundations. An extensive Statnamic axial testing program was performed to verify that the load-settlement ...
Reference: Deep Foundations Institute 31st Annual Conference, October 4-6, 2006, Washington, D.C.
designing and building a device to impact a pile, which I would instrument with Pile Driving Analyzer gages.
Reference: "First International STATNAMIC Seminar,Vancouver, 1995"