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This study evaluates the formation of hydraulic barriers for secondary containment through the permeation of colloidal silica grout. A simplified infiltration model is presented to predict the downward movement of the colloidal silica grout into a soil layer, ...
Reference: Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 137, No. 6, June, 2011
This study includes an experimental investigation of the transient movement of water in unsaturated soil layers underlain by a geocomposite drainage layer (GDL) during cycles of infiltration and evaporation
Reference: Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. 47, No. 11, November, 2010
The Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-BasedRegional Slope-Stability Model (TRIGRS) is a Fortran program designed for modeling the timing and distribution of shallow, rainfall-induced landslides. The program computes transient pore-pressure changes, ...
Reference: Open-File Report 2008–1159
This study documents variations in calcium and nitrate concentrations that suggest changes in recharge pathways in a karst spring.
Filed under: Geology -  Hydrogeology
Reference: "Environ Geol (2005) 48: 854-860 DOI 10.1007/s00254-005-0018-y"
<p>Results from studies into long-term changes in soil pore and moisture characteristics on land restored after surface mining in the UK will be presented. Recolonisation of soils by earthworms is a key factor in developing a new macro-pore system but in its ...
Reference: ISCO 2004 - 13th International Soil Conservation Organisation Conference – Brisbane, July 2004