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We analyzed a combination of airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, high-resolution photography, seismic, and acoustic data in order to gain insights into the initiation, dynamics, and talus deposition of a complex rock fall. A large (46 700 m<sup>3</sup>) rock fall ...
Filed under: Rock Mechanics -  Rock Falls
Reference: EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 37, 680–691 (2012)
The purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of porosity and void size on equivalent geotechnical engineering properties. The paper uses random field theory to generate models of geomaterials containing spatially random voids with controlled porosity ...
Reference: Proc. 13th Int. Conf. on Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG 2011), Melbourne, Australia, (eds. N. Khalili and M. Oeser),
Different types of rock crusts and the underlying unweathered sandstone were sampled in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin,Czech Republic. Structure and mineral composition of the samples were studied using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy with ...
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Reference: Acta Geodyn. Geomater, Vol 8, No. 1, 2011
<p>In this paper the reservoir characteristics of well A, in field Y were evaluated using data derived from both wire line logs and cores.</p>
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Reference: Advances in Applied Science Research, 2011, 2 (3):114-126
Numerical programs for simulating flow and reactive transport in porous media are essential tools for predicting reservoir properties changes triggered by CO2 underground injection. At reservoir scale, meshed models in which equations are solved assuming that ...
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Reference: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
<p>Results from studies into long-term changes in soil pore and moisture characteristics on land restored after surface mining in the UK will be presented. Recolonisation of soils by earthworms is a key factor in developing a new macro-pore system but in its ...
Reference: ISCO 2004 - 13th International Soil Conservation Organisation Conference – Brisbane, July 2004
This paper deals both with specific water-related problems, such as abrupt land subsidence that results in sinkholes and 'water logging' of the land in urban areas due to a rising water table, and with general topics of broad public interest, such as this ...
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