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<p>The paper presents numerical analysis of two similar tunnels constructed using Sprayed Concrete Lined (SCL) technology. The structure of interest is a part of the Fovam Square station of the 4th metro line in Budapest. At present that structure is finished. ...
Reference: Architecture Civil Enginnering Environment No. 3/2012
This is a field trip guide concerning different geological aspects of the California central coast, that includes selective papers on petrology - mineralogy by various authors.
Reference: San Francisco State University, Petrology — Spring 2006
<p>The goals of the workshop were: 1) To foster integration of sub-disciplines within the solid earth sciences 2) Recognition of important research areas and merging needs 3) Integration of teaching and research and 4) Discussion of needs and methods of interaction ...
Reference: A White Paper resulting from a workshop held at Denver Colorado, September 22nd and 23rd, 2002 sponsored by the Tectonics Program, Earth Sciences Division, and National Science Foundation (GEO/EAR).
<p>Principal geotechnical difficulties likely to be encountered when driving a tunnel through a fault zone are: instability of the face; excessive overbreak and deformation from squeezing and/or swelling fault rocks; instability of intermediate construction ...
Reference: Felsbau 15: 483-488