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<p>This report gives an overview of the issues that need to be considered in completing a risk-based approach to the management of slope instability hazards in the Port Hills. A framework and process for managing risk is described, international and New Zealand ...
Reference: GNS Science Consultancy Report 2011/319
In June 2011, the Track Fire burned 113 square kilometers (km2) in Colfax County, northeastern New Mexico, and Las Animas County, southeasternColorado, including the upper watersheds of Chicorica and Raton Creeks. The burned landscape is now at risk of damage ...
Reference: Open-File Report 2011–1257
High-resolution data enabling identification and analysis of the hydrometeorological causative processes of flash floods have been collected and analysed for 25 extreme flash floods (60 drainage basins, ranging in area from 9.5 to 1856 km2) across Europe.
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Reference: Journal of Hydrology (2010)
Rockfall risk analysis for mitigation action design requires evaluating the probability of rockfall events, the spatial probability and intensity of impacts on structures, their vulnerability, and the related expected costs for different scenarios. These tasks ...
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Reference: Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 9, 1059–1073, 2009
Swiss-wide, standardized information on natural hazards that threaten national roads (highways) are not available. The Swiss federal roads office (FEDRO) therefore decided to initiate a four year project, aiming at quantifying and mapping all risks due to ...
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Reference: Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Landslide Processes’, 6-7 February 2009, Strasbourg, France: pp. 277-281
We used one of the few rockfall models explicitly taking trees into account and compared the results obtained with the 3D simulation model RockyFor with empirical data on tree impacts at three mountain forests in Switzerland. Even though we used model input ...
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Reference: Forest Ecology and Management 225 (2006) 113–122
Forest dynamics have long-term impacts on the effectiveness of mountain forests in providing protection against natural hazards, but these are difficult to study because of the long time periods involved. We addressed this difficulty using simulation models, ...
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Reference: For. Snow Landsc. Res. 80, 1: 57–76 (2006)
Consultancies using rockfall simulation software, as well as rockfall software developers, have been invited to use their simulation tools to predict the trajectories of 100 rocks in 2D or 3D using a digital elevation model of a site in the French Alps. These ...
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Reference: Disaster Mitigation of Debris Flows, Slope Failures and Landslides, pp. 245–252, 2006 by Universal Academy Press, Inc. Tokyo, Japan
At the scale of forest stands, there is a lack of quantitative, statistically valid data on the protective effect of forests against rockfall. Therefore, the first objective of this study was to quantify the velocities, rebound heights as well as the residual ...
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Reference: Forest Ecology and Management 215 (2005) 183–195
The purpose of this study was to summarize existing rockfall models and to propose modifications to make them suitable for predicting rockfall at a regional scale.
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Reference: Progress in Physical Geography 27,1 (2003) pp. 69-87