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This report uses the measured S-wave velocities for recovered core samples by Lee and others (2008) at the KC151 site, reconstituted sands by Zimmer (2003), and well-log data at the Walker Ridge and Alaminos Canyon sites acquired during JIP Leg II (Boswell ...
Reference: Scientific Investigations Report 2010–5138
In this paper are presented centrifuge tests simulating the installation of jacked piles that were conducted in dense uniform fine silica sand.
Reference: Physical Modelling in Geotechnics-6th ICPMG '06 - Ng, Zhang & Wang (eds) 2006
In this study, the frequency domain dynamic response of a pile embedded in a porous medium and subjected to SH seismic waves is investigated. The surrounding porous medium of the pile is described by Biot’s theory, while the pile embedded in the porous medium ...
Reference: Department of Civil Engineering, Research Report R858
Characteristics of vertical and horizontal component strong ground motions have been examined to reveal general trends which may be of significance to structural analyses. Recordings at both rock and deep soil sites representative of WUS showed distinctly ...
Reference: Proc. Of theFHWA/NCEER Workshop on the Nat. Representation of Seismic Ground Motion for New and Existing Highway Facilities, I.M. Friedland, M.S Power and R. L. Mayes eds., Technical Report NCEER-97-0010
This paper extends to other types of structure the simplified methodology proposed by Constantopoulos et al (1979) for the seismic design of tunnels.
Reference: Earthquake Engineering, Tenth World Conference