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In this contribution, is presented evidence for ductile E-W extension in the Kung Co area of southern Tibet that took place at ~19 Ma and is associated with a major N-S trending normal fault.
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325-326 (2012), 10-20
In this paper new geologic map, tectonic, geomorphologic, and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide(TCN) geochronologic data document the geometry, style, kinematics, and slip rates on late Quaternary faults within the Queen Valley, California-Nevada area.
Reference: GSA Bulletin; March/April 2009; v. 121; no. 3/4; p. 599-614
The Clanwilliam Landslide, April 2nd 1999, occurred on a south facing slope above Clanwilliam Lake, approximately 13 km west of Revelstoke, B.C. The landslide is located near the western margin of the Shuswap Metamorphic Complex and a major tectonic structure ...
Reference: 4th Canadian Conference on Geohazards : From Causes to Management, J. Locat, D. Perret, D. Turmel, D. Demers et S. Leroueil
Le K. , Lee J. et al.  
This paper is about new geologic mapping, tectonic geomorphologic, and cosmogenic radionuclide geochronologic data that provide the first numerical constraints on late Quaternary vertical slip and horizontal extension rates across the southern Sierra Nevada ...
Reference: GSA Bulletin; January/February 2007; v. 119; no. 1/2; p. 240-256.
This paper focuses on the Quaternary faulting and earthquake geology along one of these displacement-transfer normal faults, the Deep Springs fault, to assess its kinematic role in the evolution of the eastern California shear zone.
Reference: GSA Bulletin; July 2001; v. 113; no. 7; p. 855-869