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The Topock quadrangle exposes a structurally complex part of the Colorado River extensional corridor and also exposes deposits that record landscape evolution during the history of the Colorado River. Paleoproterozoic gneisses and Mesoproterozoic granitoids ...
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: Scientific Investigations Map 3236
<p>Serpentinites are metamorphic rocks that are produced by low grade metamorphism or hydrothermal alteration of ultramafic igneous rocks. They have been used for many centuries in the construction of major cultural and religious symbols. The serpentinization ...
Reference: Episodes 2012
<p>In this study, rockfall analysis was carried out along two sections of the hill where the Afyon Castle was built. The results of the analyses were evaluated to the areas delineated as susceptible to rockfall risk highlighted. Possible remedial measures ...
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Reference: IAEG2006 Paper number 439
This is a field trip guide concerning different geological aspects of the California central coast, that includes selective papers on petrology - mineralogy by various authors.
Reference: San Francisco State University, Petrology — Spring 2006