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Slide3 is an advanced three-dimensional LEM slope stability analysis software. Slide3’s full 3D analysis features include complex geology, anisotropic materials, loading, and support.

Block Model Import: Helps you generate huge point clouds of data to give you detailed insights into the site’s geotechnical properties. The mapping of block models improves the efficiency and accuracy of prospecting new mining locations by creating a 3D map of the underground material.

Failure Surface Searching: Slide3’s global metaheuristic search methods and local surface altering technology help locate the most critical failure surfaces and compute the factor of safety. With parallel processing for failure searching and surface computations, results can now be generated within minutes.

Radar Data Integration: Streamline your workflow and get more detailed insights by integrating 3D wireframes (representing surveyed topography, geological surfaces, modelled faults, etc.) directly into your 3D models.

Integrates with:
Slide2: Through an integrated system, Slide3’s section creator can define multiple Slide2 sections for computation and analyze 2D and 3D analysis results side by side.

RS3: Built on the same geometry interface, RS3 models are automatically built from Slide3 models making 3D Shear Strength Reduction analyses and comparison between results efficient.

RSPile: Easily incorporate piles from RSPile into your Slide3 analyses by adding them as support and performing a pre-analysis of the piles.

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