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News from Antarctica

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BBC NEWS   28 April 2021   Antarctica  
<p>It's an unassuming rock, greenish in colour, and just over 4cm in its longest dimension. And yet this little piece of sandstone holds important clues to all our futures.<br />It was recovered from muds in the deep ocean, far off the coast of modern-day ...
British Antartic Survey   20 January 2017   Antarctica   Antarctica  
<p>British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has decided not to winter at Halley VI Research Station for safety reasons. The station, which is located on the floating Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica, will shut down between March and November 2017. Changes to the ice, particularly ...
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<p>Construction workers from BAM are set to face some tough working conditions as they have been selected to work with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on the modernisation of its research facilities.</p> <p>BAM has teamed up with design consultant Sweco for ...
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