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Euronews   23 January 2023   Eastern Europe  
<p>Unseasonably hot weather in Eastern Europe is taking its toll on the region's rivers.<br />Temperatures over 20C are &ldquo;simply extraordinary&rdquo; in mid-January, according to meteorologists. But for the last several days, countries including Ukraine, ...
Euronews   25 November 2019   Italy, French  
<p>Six people have been killed following a weekend of storms, floods and a landslide across parts of Europe.<br />In France and Italy, torrential rain killed four people and left one missing after it caused flooding and a landslide that swept away a motorway ...
Euronews   30 August 2019   Ethiopia  
<p>The face of the oldest early human ancestor has been revealed by the discovery in Ethiopia of a 3.8 million-year-old near-complete skull.<br>The uncovered fossil, which provides insight into a pivotal period for human evolution, belongs to the species Australopithecus ...
Euronews   12 November 2018   Brazil   Niteroi  
<p>Rescuers are searching for survivors of a mudslide in Brazil that has left at least ten people dead including a child. At least four people are still missing. It happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Niteroi area outside the capital Rio ...
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Euronews   29 March 2017   Russia   Asia  
<p>An earthquake has struck Russia&rsquo;s far east near Kamchatka peninsula according to the US Geographical Survey. It&rsquo;s magnitude is said to be 6.6. It was originally recorded with a magnitude 7.0.</p> <p>It struck at a depth of around 33 km just ...
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Euronews   03 March 2015   Chile   Villarica  
<p>Chile’s Villarica volcano has erupted, sending ash and lava up to 1,000m into the sky. More than 3,600 people have been evacuated from the area around the towns of Pucon and Conaripe, according to the authorities, as a preventative measure.</p>
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