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Express   01 January 2021   Russia   Siberia  
<p>The superbly-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino was uncovered with many of its internal organs still intact. The precious carcass was recovered from permafrost in Russia's extreme northern region.<br />Russian state media reported how the holly rhino was revealed ...
The Jakarta Post   08 October 2019   Russia   Yakutia  
<p>The former head of a giant Siberian diamond mine was found dead in his prision cell a day after being charged over the deaths of miners trapped by flooding, investigators said Tuesday.<br />Eight miners died after water leaked into the Mir mine owned by ...
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The Guardian   20 September 2018   Russia  
<p>A fossilised lifeform that existed 558m years ago has been identified as the oldest known animal, according to new research.<br />The findings confirm that animals existed at least 20m years before the so-called Cambrian explosion of animal life, which ...
Express   17 July 2018   Russia  
<p>ONE of the 2018 World Cup stadiums has been severely damaged by a landslide just two days after the France v Croatia final.<br>Heavy rain triggered landslides on an embankment near the Volgograd Stadium.</p>
Russian News Agency   18 June 2017   Russia   Laptev Sea  
<p>MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. Russian oil major Rosneft has discovered a new hydrocarbon deposit while drilling an exploration well in Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea in the east Arctic area, the company announced on Sunday.<br>The resource potential of the newly-discovered ...
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Euronews   29 March 2017   Russia   Asia  
<p>An earthquake has struck Russia&rsquo;s far east near Kamchatka peninsula according to the US Geographical Survey. It&rsquo;s magnitude is said to be 6.6. It was originally recorded with a magnitude 7.0.</p> <p>It struck at a depth of around 33 km just ...
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Daily Mail   23 October 2015   Russia   Kupol mine, Siberia  
<p>Situated high above the Arctic circle, the Kupol mine of Siberia is one of the toughest places to work in the world with temperatures reaching as low as minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit.<br />Gold was first discovered in the region in the 1940s and was forcibly ...
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Sputnik News   03 September 2015   Russia   Ural Mountains  
<p>A sinkhole near one of the mines in Russia&rsquo;s Ural Mountains has grown in size at least fivefold since it was first reported last November; the huge abyss keeps swallowing up nearby summer cottages and shows no signs that it will stop getting bigger. ...
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The Siberian Times   22 May 2015   Russia   Berezniki  
<p>The latest mysterious sinkhole that has appeared in a Urals city has grown in size four-fold in just three months, officials have said.</p> <p>First spotted on February 17 during routine observations around crater-hit Berezniki, in Perm Krai, it was found ...   17 April 2015   Russia   Zarechny, SE Moscow  
<p>A low speed landslide described as "mesmerising" online has been filmed slowly devouring a road and uprooting trees in Russia. </p><p>Melting snow and heavy rains caused a layer of water to act as a “lubricant” underneath the 3m-high wall of rocks and soil, ...
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