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CBCnews   22 June 2016   Canada   Ottawa  
<p>Excavation of the tunnel at Rideau Station is set to resume this week, after work stopped on June 8 when the tunnel flooded following a watermain break that led to the sinkhole on Rideau Street.</p>
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CBCnews   07 January 2016   World  
<p>We're living through one of the most extraordinary events in Earth's history &mdash; the start of a new geological epoch, an international group of scientists says.<br />Welcome to the Anthropocene, everyone.<br /><br /></p>
CBCnews   21 September 2015   Canada   Birken  
<p>Dozens of back country campers were rescued from the Sea to Sky corridor north of Vancouver on Monday after a landslide caused by heavy rains closed off several roads throughout the region.</p> <p>In Lillooet, 50 campers were airlifted out to Pemberton. ...
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CBCnews   17 September 2015   Chile   Coquimbo  
<p>COQUIMBO, Chile -- Parts of this port city were a disaster zone Thursday after an 8.3-magnitude quake hit off the coast, killing at least 12 people and likely causing billions in damage. Overturned cars and splintered boats sat mud next to furniture, toppled ...
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CBCnews   03 September 2015   Canada   Vancouver  
<p>Roughly 10,000 people in the Lower Mainland might die if a shallow earthquake struck directly beneath the city of Vancouver &mdash; that's the projection from a worst-case scenario in the provincial government's Earthquake Immediate Response Plan.</p>
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CBCnews   13 July 2015   Marocco   Marocco desert  
<p>Morocco's vast, rocky deserts were once covered with oceans teeming with life during the Ordovician period, about 485 million to 444 million years ago, a new study finds. But these stunning animals, now fossilized in mineralized splotches of violet, yellow ...
CBCnews   12 May 2015   Canada   Ontario  
<p>Ontario's only diamond mine is known for its exceptional quality stones, but according to official documents, the provincial government made more money on salt royalties in 2013-14 than diamonds.</p> <p>De Beers Canada, which owns the only diamond mine ...
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CBCnews   05 May 2015   Canada   British Columbia  
<p>A study on the impacts of a tailings pond spill at the Mount Polley mine last summer shows a number of changes to the Quesnel Lake ecosystem, but researchers say it's still too early to determine the long term impacts on fish and drinking water.</p> <p>The ...
CBCnews   19 April 2015   Canada   District of Squamish BC  
<p>The District of Squamish says a geotechnical engineering assessment has been done and a search is under way after a rock slide on the Stawamus Chief this morning. It has not yet released details of the engineer's early report. There have been no reports ...
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