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PHYS.ORG   19 March 2023   World  
<p>Venus is almost the same size, mass and density as Earth. So it should be generating heat in its interior (by the decay of radioactive elements) at much the same rate as the Earth does. On Earth, one of the main ways in which this heat leaks out is via ...
The Guardian   01 August 2022   World  
<p>If time feels tighter than ever of late, blame it on the revolution. On 29 June this year, Earth racked up an unusual record: its shortest day since the 1960s, when scientists began measuring the planet&rsquo;s rotation with high-precision atomic clocks.<br ...   15 May 2021   China  
<p>China&rsquo;s Tianwen-1 spacecraft, currently in orbit around the Red Planet, has dropped its lander and rover &mdash; named Zhurong after a Chinese mythological god of fire &mdash; completing the most perilous stage of its ten-month mission.<br />According ...
Geology Page   14 January 2020   World  
<p>Stars have life cycles. They&rsquo;re born when bits of dust and gas floating through space find each other and collapse in on each other and heat up. They burn for millions to billions of years, and then they die. When they die, they pitch the particles ...