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Total Items found:   18 May 2021   China  
<p>Now that they know the general landing location of China&rsquo;s Zhurong Mars rover, scientists are rushing to analyse satellite images and geological maps to pinpoint intriguing features. Of particular significance is a possible mud volcano &mdash; a type ...   15 May 2021   China  
<p>China&rsquo;s Tianwen-1 spacecraft, currently in orbit around the Red Planet, has dropped its lander and rover &mdash; named Zhurong after a Chinese mythological god of fire &mdash; completing the most perilous stage of its ten-month mission.<br />According ...   13 December 2019  
<p>San Francisco, California<br />The marsquakes are coming fast and furious. From its landing site near the Martian equator, NASA&rsquo;s InSight mission is detecting about two quakes per day &mdash; and the rate is going up.<br />&ldquo;We have a lot,&rdquo; ...
The Conversation   02 December 2019  
<p>Some landslides on Mars seem to defy an important law of physics. &ldquo;Long, runout landslides&rdquo; are formed by huge volumes of rock and soil moving downslope, largely due to the force of gravity. But their power is hard to account for. With volumes ...